Marc Jacobs Katie Bracelet: Tri-color Magic


Handbags make up a piece of your fashion style and jewelries simply refines it. There’s nothing simple about the Marc Jacobs Katie bracelet. If you are sick and tired of carrying jewelries that has just one single color, then listen to what I have to say.

White, black and gold. Three very common colors, but when mixed up, somehow creates a chic and elegant feeling. It will leave an impression behind if you know how to match it. The Chanel classic flap bag in black or the timeless GST will do the work. MJ left the bracelet shiny which make it look more refreshing. What’s more important? Knowing that’s crafted from tin alloy (mostly copper materials), we can be sure that it will not rust like a cheap low quality jewelry. Pick this up at SSENSE for $100.


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