Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

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Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

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Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Prices

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag in CanvasPrices
USA$1760 USD
Canada$2430 CAD
Europe€1500 Euro
UK£1380 GBP
Singapore$2640 SGD
Hong Kong$15100 HKD
Australia2870 AUD
Japan¥256300 JPY
China13900 CNY
Malaysia8850 MYR
Korea₩2420000 WON
Thailand67000 BAHT
Russia171000 RUB
India157000 INR

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag in CanvasPrices
USA$1960 USD
Canada$2650 CAD
Europe€1650 Euro
UK£1510 GBP
Singapore$2900 SGD
Hong Kong$16600 HKD
Australia3150 AUD
Japan¥281600 JPY
China15300 CNY
Malaysia9650 MYR
Korea₩2660000 WON
Thailand73500 BAHT
Russia178000 RUB
India173000 INR

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag in EpiPrices
USA$2370 USD
Canada$3000 CAD
Europe€1900 Euro
UK£1690 GBP
Singapore$3300 SGD
Hong Kong$19000 HKD
Australia3600 AUD
Japan¥320100 JPY
China17700 CNY
Malaysia10800 MYR
Korea₩3020000 WON
Thailand80000 BAHT
Russia215000 RUB
India185000 INR

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag in EpiPrices
USA$2570 USD
Canada$3250 CAD
Europe€2000 Euro
UK£1830 GBP
Singapore$3600 SGD
Australia3900 AUD
Japan¥335500 JPY
China19000 CNY
Korea₩3290000 WON
Thailand86500 BAHT
Russia234000 RUB
India195000 INR

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag in EmpreintePrices
USA$2500 USD
Canada$3200 CAD
Europe€2000 Euro
UK£1830 GBP
Singapore$3500 SGD
Hong Kong$20200 HKD
Australia3800 AUD
Japan¥342100 JPY
China18700 CNY
Malaysia11800 MYR
Korea₩3220000 WON
Thailand89500 BAHT
Russia228000 RUB
India210000 INR

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag in EmpreintePrices
United States$2840 USD
Europe€2840 EUR
England£197000 GBP
Singapore3900 SGD
Hong Kong$22800 HKD
Australia$4100 AUD
Japan¥343200 JPY
China20800 CNY
Canada$3600 CAD
Malaysia12400 MYR
Korea₩3520000 WON
Thailand93000 BAHT
Switzerland9700 AED
Russia250000 RUB

Bring a little amount of pizzazz to your fate by adding Louis Vuitton Alma Bag to your current handbags collection and get awe-struck with its bowling style one-off look depicting the iconic domed shape and its 80 years old history. Rihanna, Jaquline Kennedy, Blake Lively and Naomi Watts are seldom seen flaunting these marvellous totes. On top of that, Alma bag’s sleek design, sophisticated touch, elegant curved and structured silhouette make it stand next to the Speedy, in the crowd of iconic handbags history. In case you really are craving for a ritzy classic beauty apt to use every day, professionally, all in a modish city style then this Louis Vuitton bag is your ultimate destiny.

Whispering a little secret here let’s know about bag’s unique ties with Madame Gabrielle Chanel, are we talking about the ever-famous Coco Chanel, of course we are! The Alma bag was designed at a special request of Coco as a unique travelling bag, and it was kept a secret between the two until a few years. We do believe that this handbag was launched in 1930, but in actuality, its design is dated back to the original version of 1925. And you know what! This Alma bag was the second handbag in the fashion house of Louis Vuitton.
If we go at the namesake then it too has a long history. Firstly, the Gaston-Louis Vuitton designed the bag, naming it ‘Squire’, and then the second name of this handbag was ‘Champs Elysees’. Ultimately, ‘Alma’ was named after the tree lined square in Paris where the Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine river- “Place de L’Alma”. Also, this Alma Bag was inspired by the art deco movement, boasting similar dominant and architectural lines.

Louis Vuitton Alma Design

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
These high-end accessories highlight rolled leather top handles detailed with polished hardware, two large exterior pockets, detachable cross-body strap, a wrap around zipper, keys clochette with lock and protective bottom studs. Not to forget the bag’s curved and structured silhouette that makes it all the more iconic in character. Sizes offered are; BB, PM, GM, and don’t just talk about the colours, every shade that you can imagine is available.

Blowing your calm mind, here are the exotic textural leathers in this handbag. Whereas the Monogram coated canvas is the most iconic range of Louis Vuitton, which is durable as well, the Monogram Vernis leather is shiny and graceful. As an added bonus, you are blessed with one more classic leather variety and that’s Damier.

Louis Vuitton Alma Interior

A completely pragmatic interior, adds five stars to this Louis Vuitton Alma Bag. The top zipper opens to reveal a soft microfiber lining with a main storage compartment and an additional patch pocket. The double zip feature helps the bag to open wider, blessing you with a spacious space to store all your necessities for the day. Your small wallet, cash, cards, money and everything is safe here.

Two exterior patch pockets add some more space to your handbag, now you can keep your grab-and-go stuff here. Even if you keep your bag on the table or at the floor, the contents won’t spill at all, of course because you have those little-little feet at your bag’s bottom, case in point; the bag will stay upright. It’s designed keeping in mind all the functional aspects in mind, so isn’t Alma a perfect office to evening bag for you!

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Sizes

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Size BB, PM

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Size MM, GM, BNB

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag10′ x 8′ x 4′ inches
Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag13′ x 10′ x 6′ inches
Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag14.2′ x 11.0′ x 6.7′ inches
Louis Vuitton Alma GM Bag15′ x 11′ x 7.1′ inches

Louis Vuitton Alma Leathers And Materials

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, Epi, Monogram Vernis, Natural Vachette, Ostrich

Louis Vuitton Alma Colors

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Monogram Vernis; Rose Ballerina, Magenta, Dune, Cherry, Amarante, Cerise

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Monogram Vernis; Blue Galactic, Rose Pop, Blanc Corail, Blue Lagon, Poppy, Cyan

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Hot Pink, Rose Ballerina

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Dune, Indigo, Noir

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag
From Left To Right: Coquelicot, Prune Rose, Orange, Safran Emperial, Figue, Carmine

Louis Vuitton Alma YouTube Reviews

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More Styles

Louis Vuitton Alma BagLouis Vuitton Alma Bag

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