How To Get A Chanel Dust Bag?

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How To Get A Chanel Dust Bag?


How To Get A Chanel Dust Bag?

How To Get A Chanel Dust Bag

Some people find the Chanel Dust Bag an important addition of the purchase. Others find it less important. But anyone who shops Chanel would like to walk back home with a complete set right?

Chanel Dust Bag; bolded

If you get a Chanel Bag from the boutique, you would also receive the following items:

However, there are moments that you don’t get the Chanel Dust Bag. For example, the SA forgot to give you one. Or the SA doesn’t have a dust bag anymore in stock. Or they GIVE you the wrong size accidentally.

If so, then what should you do in these situations?

Didn’t the SA give you a Chanel Dust Bag?

If you walked out the store without a Dust Bag and you don’t need one, then it’s fine. But if you want to have one because it’s within your right, then follow my advice.

1. You can email Chanel and tell them about your purchase and the situation. They will email a dust bag to your home.

2. Go the boutique with your original receipt and tell them what happened. They might be able to get you one. In fact, there was 1 time when we talked to a girl who didn’t get a Dust Bag after purchasing a bag. She noticed it when she was at home. So we adviced her to go back to the boutique and ask for one. And she got it!

What is the purpose of a Dust Bag?

This chapter is purposely created for the newbies. What can you do with a Dust Bag? And why is it important? Well, first of all, if you want to sell a bag in the future, it’s better to have the original Dust Bag too. Because the buyer might want it, even tough some people experienced that the Chanel Dust Bag is not always the best. Actually the Louis Vuitton Dust Bag feels better at this moment. And there are also other alternatives. More on this later.

The Dust Bag, just like its name says, is to protect your bag from dust, bugs, lights (lights an damage leather in long term) and other things that can harm your bag when you keep it in storage.

The drawstring on top is to close the top entirely, so if you got a Dust Bag that doesn’t fit your bag, then it’s basically not very useful anymore (more on this later too).

The SA will not give you an extra Dust Bag randomly

Some SA’s might give you 1 extra Dust Bag for free if you buy a lot of items. But they will not give you without a good reason. If you just walk into the store and ask for one, they will not hand it to you.

They also don’t sell Dust bags, because 1 bag comes with 1 dust bag.

Your Dust Bag is smaller than the Bag?

We have heard several complain that people get a Dust Bag from Chanel that’s smaller than the bag. It’s weird and not normal, your Dust Bag cannot be smaller than your Bag, if so how can it possible protect it against dust?

There was one girl who received a dust bag that has the exact same size as her Classic Flap Bag. Therefore, when she put the bag inside the Dust Bag and the top part cannot be closed.

So the Dust Bag must be bigger than the bag.

It does happen that you get the wrong size, but not often.

Black Or White Dust Bag

How To Get A Chanel Dust Bag

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Just like the box, Chanel also has the Dust Bag in Black or White. Whether you get the Black or white one, it depends. First, listen to the rumors in the Chanel community:

  • 1. Only the Classic Flap comes with the white Dust Bag, the others handbags comes in black
  • 2. All seasonal bags are black Dust Bags while only the Classic Bags comes in white
  • 3. The Boy Bags and seasonal comes in black Dust Bag and the Classics are in White

Classic Bags? Is it about the Boy Bag or the Classic Flap Bag? Or Both?

Do you know which statement is correct?

Number 1 is correct. Only the Classic Flap Bags come in white Dust Bags, the rest comes in the color black.

Imagine someone selling you a pre-owned Classic Flap Bag and the Dust Bag is black? Either Chanel SA runs out of the white color or it could be a hint that you need to be caution to check whether the bag is real or not?

There are always alternatives

Some people don’t like Chanel Dust Bag, they find the quality not that good. Some folks choose the Louis Vuitton Dust Bag instead. But you can always compare.

And if you don’t have a Chanel Dust Bag, then don’t be sad. You can try to get one via Ebay and there are plenty of alternatives.

Some people just uses pillow cases. Whatever works for you.

Share your story with us in the comment box. We hope this posts was helpful.

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