Chanel Box Black Or White?

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Chanel Box Black Or White?

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Chanel Box Black Or White?


Are you an all-things Chanel collector? Well, here’s another interesting topic to talk about. It’s about the mystery of the Chanel boxes that they use to pack your bag.

First answer this question: What kind of Chanel box do you have?


So why am I asking this? There is actually two kinds of Chanel boxes:

One has a white background and covered with black letters.

The second has a black background and covered with white letters.

Strange huh?

Read what Syn has to share about her experience at 31 Rue Cambon:

‘After I purchased the bag- the SA said that she ran out of the box for it. I asked her if I can just pick one up once I back in the States and she said no because something about their signature box at this location is white…

She said to come back to the store the next day and she will give me the box- I came back the next day and picked up the box. Both the box and bag are in white with Chanel and 31 Rue Cambon printed in black.

Aren’t the box and bag usually in black and white letters?’

Dorothy also got a white box from 31 Rue Cambon:

‘Syn must be right. I bought my Chanel bag at Rue Cambon & here’s the white box with the address of the boutique.’

We are not sure why some are white and others are black. It might be that 31 Rue Cambon only delivers exceptional boxes, afterall it’s the same street where Coco Chanel had opened her first boutique in 1910.

So which box do you have?

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8 thoughts on “Chanel Box Black Or White?”

  1. My box is white but doesn’t have the address on the box. The shopping bag is white with black letters and has address though.
    I wonder why my box doesn’t have address?


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