Here’s Your Second Chance To Get The Chanel Diamond CC WOC



Here’s Your Second Chance To Get The Chanel Diamond CC WOC


Here’s Your Second Chance To Get The Chanel Diamond CC WOC


Have you missed out on the fabulous Chanel Diamond CC WOC last year? Well, you’re forgiven. Here is your second chance. Yes, this pretty WOC has once again returned for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. And it was first-released in the Spring Summer 2016 Collection. The Diamond CC is a contemporary bag, but with a classic look. It’s an one-time investment and forever yours purchase. And the best of all is, you will be one of the few to carry this WOC. Cool right?

The design

So you don’t want pink, but you don’t need to worry, because there are plenty of colors to choose. Last year, Chanel came up with lipstick red, ocean blue, yellow and black. Hmm, I am wondering which colors are available now?

The Diamond CC WOC is designed with a gorgeous diamond-shaped CC on the front flap. This CC signature is melted together with the bag, so it became one with the diamond quilting. The CC logo is medium sized, but it doesn’t feel like it’s screaming for attention at all. Basically the appearance looks neutral, classic and above all – timeless.

The interior

Made with long woven chain strap for shoulder carry or cross body carry. The interior is crafted with central zipper compartment and with leather panel of card slots. It also has a large compartment to carry your basic essentials.

Made from lambskin, this bag an absolute must-have. So put it on your wish list.

Style code A80699, measuring 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches and priced at $2100 USD, €1695 euro, £1460 GBP, $13700 HKD, $2600 AUD, $2720 SGD, ¥210600 JPY, ¥13500 CNY via Chanel boutiques.


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1 thought on “Here’s Your Second Chance To Get The Chanel Diamond CC WOC”

  1. Good Morning, I was wondering whether any readers have encountered a problem with the Mademoiselle turn lock on their Chanel WOC. I recently made a purchase of a stunning So Black chevron WOC and was pleased to find it with the 2.55 Mademoiselle closure as it is a safer closure on such a small bag, or so I thought. Unfortunately already on the second use I was walking from the car and tried to close the lock and was horrified that the front turn closure had fallen off my bag. I retraced my steps and found the tiny piece on the road. I was able to screw it back on however there is no locking mechanism to keep it in place so if you turn the lock anticlockwise what happens is that the lock will close but loosen on the thread and if it happens a few times closing the bag in an anticlockwise direction the thing will just fall off. I returned the bag to my Chanel store and since it was within a week of purchase they located another for replacement. I had hoped that the first bag had a faulty closure however once again the same thing has happened with this replacement bag. I am beyond disappointed as I have been searching for a So Black bag for such a long time and I have never really contemplated a WOC but when I saw this bag I fell in love.

    The other alternative the store offered is to have the bag sent to a local Chanel authorised repair workshop which will take up to 6 weeks which isn’t really a great option considering I’ve only had these bags for just over one week. Plus I am not sure how I feel about a local repair job on a faulty Chanel lock as frankly I expect more from Quality control than this at Chanel prices.

    Has any other reader had any issues with the Mademoiselle lock on a WOC? I have a 2.55 reissue in medium and have never had a problem with the lock.


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