Chanel Diamond CC Card Holder And Coin Purse

Chanel diamond cc wallet

Chanel is being innovative, the Diamond CC logo makes us go ‘Wow’. We hope, of course, that this Diamond CC logo will become the next signature, so we can have more of that in the future. And if not, no worries, just make sure you grab one of these accessories as soon as possible – … Read more

Chanel Diamond CC Wallet On Chain Bag

Chanel Diamond CC Wallet On Chain Bag thumb

They said love is sweeter the second time around and we couldn’t agree more as Chanel’s Diamond CC WOC made its way back to Chanel boutiques on its repeat. Yes, this bag has been previously released and if you remember, it belongs to Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 Pre-Collection. Now that we admitted that we’re in love … Read more