Hello Kitty x O.P.I Nail Collection


Hello Kitty x O.P.I Nail Collection

Hello Kitty x O.P.I Nail Collection


Aside from giving you some insider scoop about the latest happenings when it comes to designer pieces, we’re also on the lookout for cute finds. Something about our radar having the best of both worlds, because we also want in on all things kawaii! Presenting, the Hello Kitty x O.P.I. Nail Collection, a much-welcome collaboration between different worlds. Well, what can we say? We sure are excited!

Fresh-off the drawing board, Hello Kitty is the next muse of the cosmetics brand that revolutionized how we look at nail care today. With a brush of creativity, both powerhouses have teamed-up to bring us a limited edition line of fab colors to choose from. We can’t disclose much deets about these babies yet, though, but expect them to hit the shelves by next year. For now, feast your eyes on the pictures we have for your, which is sure to keep you just as pumped.

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