Diorama Bag With Highlighted Large Cannage Motif

Hello Diorama. It’s the Boy Bag version of Dior and we are in love with it. And have you seen the newest design? We call it the Diorama Bag with Stitched Large Cannage Motif. But what’s the difference, you ask! Well a lot, because….

Read on.

The Design

What’s so special about the new Diorama Bag? A picture can reveal everything. Behold and see the original Diorama Bag:

Can you tell the difference?

The newest Diorama Bag has the same Large Cannage Motif design, but it’s crafted differently.

The original Diorama Bag is built with outward lined Cannage Motif, but the latest Diorama Bag is designed with inward lined Cannage Motif.

The inward lined Cannage Motif has bigger lines due to the deepness. And the stitches are more vivid. Also, the new Cannage Motif creates a highlight effect, which makes it more shiny when looking from distance.

It’s a clever and unique design, but which one do you prefer?

More over, the other parts of the components remained the same. The iconic crest-shape hasn’t changed; the extra thick chains are still as beautiful as before. And it should be like that, because without these details, the Diorama Bag wouldn’t be the same.

Also the chains can be removed to change the bag into a clutch.

The Interior

The interior features 1 main compartment with a zip pocket in the inside. It’s the ideal everyday bag.

The Sizes And Prices

Diorama Small Bag With Stitched Large Cannage Motif
Size: 21.5 x 13 x 8 cm
Prices: ₩4000000 WON

Diorama Bag With Stitched Large Cannage Motif
Size: 25 x 15.5 x 8 cm
Prices: €2750 EUR

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