Pop Of Color: Meet The New Small Diorama Bags

Small Diorama Bags in Pop Of Colors thumb

Diorama Bag is a new bag from French fashion powerhouse Dior. Though it has just been recently launched in the fashion market, the bag is selling like hot pancakes the moment it was released. The Small Diorama Bags in Pop of Colors are the smaller version of the original Diorama Bag and the design is … Read more

Dior x Rihanna Secret Garden Ad Campaign Featuring Mini Diorama Bag

Prada Saffiano Mini Bags thumb

Dior presents the next Secret Garden Ad Campaign, featuring Rihanna and the newest Diorama bag. You see, there is something special about these Diorama Bags… Look closely on the way that Rihanna is holding them. She picks them up with just one hand! Oh well, there can be only one clarification, it’s a mini bag… … Read more