Chloe Winter 2013 Bag Collection


Chloe Baylee Large Handbag in Two Tone Smooth Calfskin
Marshmallow Grey Blackhat

In Chloe’s winter 2013 collection, the Baylee bag has returned in four different classic styles. Chloe is trying to push this line to the next level through heavy promotion. Recently a new ad video came out and it was all about this bag. The two most existing design from the winter 2013 collection will be the Baylee bag in two-tone mandarin peel and cherry jelly, and yes that’s its real name, super cute huh?

Next, the first Baylee bag in exotic Ostrich leather comes in peppermint candy. The luxurious bag will probably get a heavy price tag.


Chloe Baylee Large Handbag in Two Tone Smooth Leather Calfskin And
Yummie Cookie Brownie Brown


Chloe Baylee Medium Handbag in Two Tone Smooth Calfskin And
Manderine Peel Cherry Jelly


Chloe Baylee Medium Handbag in Ostrich Leather And
Peppermint Candy


Chloe Marcie Medium Shoulder Bag in Smooth Calfskin and
Cherry Jelly

Chloe Long Wallet With Flap in Smooth Calfskin and
Cherry Jelly

Looks like red is becoming the trending color for fall. I am actually very surprised to see the Chloe Marcie Satchel bag in red, because I saw the exact same color in one of the previous seasons.

Finally I found the older version and put it next to the new one to look for differences. And the color is indeed very similar, except that Chloe has adjusted the style by embellishing a couple more piece of golden hardware on the edge of the flap. Check it out here


Chloe Alice Large Handbag in Leather and
Royal Navy Peppermint Candy

Chloe Alice Large Handbag in Python and
Royal Navy


Chloe Alison Medium Tote in Trimmings


Chloe Bridget Medium Shoulder Bag
in Grained Leather and Black


Chloe Bronte Medium Messenger Bag With Removalble Strap
Box Calfskin and Cashmere Grey


Chloe Lucy Shoulder Bag in Smooth Leather and Two Tone
Biscotti Beige And Maderine Peel


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