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When we think of the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, the first thing that comes into our mind is the quilting. It’s either the diamond or chevron quilting, but they’re both part of the iconic design because the idea resembles Coco Chanel’s original 2.55 Bag. Now quilting might look chic and luxurious, but there are some fashion people that have a different taste. And exclusively for those people, Chanel has introduced a new addition to the Classic Flap Bag Collection – meet the Chanel Pure Classic Flap Bag. Now let’s talk all about it, shall we?

The Story

In the past, there were many variations of the 2.55 Bag in the market. To stop the confusion, Karl discontinued them all and released the Classic Flap Bag in 1983 that would represent the Chanel brand. A lot of people might think that the Chanel Classic Flap Bag is the modern version of the 2.55 Bag and that is because a lot of elements are alike.

As a part of the house’s history, the Classic Flap Bags were available in diamond quilting or in chevron quilting. Karl also put the interlocking CC closure on the bag, which is now considered another timeless icon. The Classic Flap Bag was available in only caviar or lambskin leather. The caviar leather is strong and durable while the lambskin leather is much softer and luxurious.

A new maxi size was introduced in 2009 and about the same time, Chanel has also switched the single flap into a double flap. And besides that, the look of the bag hasn’t changed very much.

Now just recently, a new addition has been included to the line. It’s the Chanel Pure Classic Flap Bag.


Grained Calfskin Leather

The Design

The Chanel Pure Classic Flap Bag is made in smooth leather instead of the traditional diamond or chevron quilting. And it’s a big topic because without the quilting, the look of the bag changes dramatically. The Pure Classic Flap Bag feels much streamlined, minimalistic and smoother in design.

It’s also made from calfskin leather instead of caviar or lambskin. The calfskin is not as hard as the caviar but it as solid and durable. Then again, it’s not as soft as the lambskin, but it does feel nice and smooth. At a closer look, you can see the beautiful grained leather and the impeccable craftsmanship that was required to create this iconic design.


Left: Chanel Pure Classic Bag CC Lock, Right: Chanel Quilted Classic Bag CC Lock

Both the original Quilted Classic Flap Bag and the Pure Classic Flap Bag are available in gold hardware, however the gold hardware on the Pure Classic Flap Bag looks less shiny and the design is quite different as well. But perhaps its because of the overall look, the Pure Classic Flap Bag might not look as good with the golden hardware of the Quilted Classic Flap Bag. By comparing the interlocking CC closure, you will get a clearer understanding of the differences.

Besides these changes, the other parts of the Pure Classic Flap Bag look exactly the same like the original ones like the interior.

The Sizes And Prices

Besides the few tweaks, the Chanel Pure Classic Flap Bag looks exactly similar to the Chanel Quilted Flap Bag. The prices and the sizes are all the same.

The prices below are updated per April 2017. For the latest prices go here: Chanel Classic Bag Prices.

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Pictures courtesy of: luksusowezakupy

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  • coco


    bought the square mini from the uk in 2017 oct and it cost more than the quilted one- was 2550 pounds

    January 14, 2018
  • happyshopper


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pure collection. I plan on getting one. I think the style is far more versatile than the quilted. I never liked the quilted because:

    1) you will have least 5 other women in the elevator with the same, EXACT bag

    2) fakes abound

    3) the quilted bags are bulky

    THANK YOU for this informative post!!!

    May 9, 2017
      • Coco


        It was 2550 pounds for the classic pure square mini

        March 27, 2018
  • Marianne


    Cynthia, it is calfskin. I got it at the Chanel Boutique in San Francisco. I love it so much!

    April 25, 2017
    • Cynthia


      thanks for the reply

      April 27, 2017
  • Marianne


    Here you go! Thanks Nicky!

    April 21, 2017
    • Cynthia


      Omg, this is the large classic tote:

      I thought it was discontinued because its was released in the previous collection Did you buy it just recently? And may I know whether its in lambskin?


      April 21, 2017
    • Ken


      Hi Nicky May I know when and where did you get it ? I actually kinda like the bag at the back ! Planning to get one for my wife . Thanks Much .

      April 21, 2017
  • Marianne


    I kinda like it. But I just purchased the classic quilted shopping tote and i really love this bag.
    I’ve name her the “Queen Mother”.

    April 20, 2017
    • Nicky


      Hi Marianne, this bag is lovely. I hope this style will be part of the permanent collection. Can you share pic of your new bag?

      April 20, 2017

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