Chanel Petite Timeless, Chanel Grand Shopping or Chanel Medallion bag?


It’s not that difficult to pick between the PTT, GST and the medallion tote bag. Obviously, the Chanel grand shopping tote is the most famous tote bag of Chanel’s classic collection. Why? Pardon my language, but you get ‘more bang for your buck’. Especially since the GST has been upgraded in 2010. Chanel added a new key hook inside, and used thicker lining comparable to the Ottoman lining.

As I am writing this, I haven’t seen the PTT, petite timeless tote bag for a quite a while. I’ve been told that its discontinued. And it is the same for the medallion tote bag. But you never know, maybe Chanel will start selling them again.

The PST, petite shopping tote, is also one of the famous Chanel classic tote bags. It’s been discontinued for a while, but eventually Chanel put it back on the shelf. They also made some changes in the newer version.

Do you remember the Chanel classic small flap? This bag was discontinued too some time ago, but recently Chanel started selling them again.

Now that you know that the PTT and the medallion tote are discontinued, at least you can get disappointed. I am not sure why these two bags are not as famous as the GST, but they are also less expensive.

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  • chrystal-ng


    i have a chanel petite timeless, wouldnt trade it for anything. it is not big at all, it is just the right shopping bag size.

    November 6, 2012
  • shopalcoholic


    I love small bags, the other tote bags are too big, i would go for the medallion bag

    November 6, 2012

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