Chanel Perfect Edge Bag

A special request from our readers: ‘Can you write about the Chanel Perfect Edge Bag?’. Of course we can!

Chanel is flooded with exquisite bags, they are all elegant, trendy and timeless. If you know how many choices you actually have, you’d get stuck with the question: ‘I can only get one, which one should I buy?’. And that can cause a serious headache!

Though the Chanel perfect edge bag was first released in the Fall 2012 collection, they are still waiting for you to pick them up at the boutique. Chanel re-released this style in the pre-fall 2013 collection, which was just a few months ago.


The perfect edge bag is… what can I say? Perfect and edgy! It’s a stronger version than the GST if you take note of the big chain and antique-gold CC logo.

This bag comes in two styles, a tote and a flap. The tote was released in the colors black and burgundy and the flaps in two sizes, medium and large, and only in black.

And of course, the measurement:
Chanel perfect edge tote: 8 x 13 x 5.7
Chanel perfect edge medium flap: 6 x 10.6 x 4.3
Chanel perfect edge large flap: 7.2 x 12.2 x 4.7

The tricky thing is that Chanel have never formally announced the release of the perfect edge flap this year, they like to get you puzzled and figured things out yourself. I mean, they know we love them, so they let us go. And we… keep coming back.

And don’t worry, we will not let you go before we give you the prices:
Chanel perfect edge tote: $3800 USD
Chanel perfect edge medium flap: $3600 USD / around €2.400 EUR
Chanel perfect edge large flap: $3900 USD / around €2.600 EUR

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Pictures courtesy of: Fashion phile & chroniclesofquenn


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