Chanel Enamel CC Square Bag


Is this the latest Chanel Mini Square Bag? It does look a lot like the Classic Mini Square. But then again, maybe it’s not. We will be comparing some features later in this post.

So meet the Chanel Enamel CC Square Bag from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. It’s a new bag indeed with a refreshing futuristic logo to pair with your next season outfits. The material used is so fuzzy and warm, which makes you want to hold it forever when the cold winter starts. So what do you think? Is it a yes?

The Design

The dark multicolor is the ideal shades for the upcoming seasons. It does feel like a softer version of the Tartan print. The bag is made from tweed mixed with calfskin – the body is crafted in tweed, but the woven chain leather strap is partly put together with calf leather.

The design of the chain is similar to the classics and it’s long enough to carry on the shoulder or over the shoulder. The shades match perfectly to your winter jacket or sweater. The futuristic CC logo makes it attention grabbing and luxurious.

But really, the enamel CC logo will match the color of the bag. Then the edges are refined in gold hardware for the shimmering-effect. It’s stunning but a new bag.

Chanel Enamel CC Square Bag versus Mini Square Bag

The size of the Enamel CC Square Bag makes us wonder whether it’s the Mini Square Bag? Well, let’s do a quick size comparison then:

The Chanel Enamel CC Square Bag is measured 7.1’ x 1.6’ x 7.9’ inches.

The Chanel Mini Square Bag is sized at 5.3’ x 3.1’x 6.7’ inches.

So it’s not the Square Mini Bag because the measurements are different. In fact, the Mini Square Bag is smaller than this new Enamel CC Square Bag. Is that a good thing?

Which also leaves us to another question: is this the New Mini Square WOC the?

Chanel Enamel CC Square Bag versus Mini Square WOC

Let’s do a comparison again:

The Chanel Enamel CC Square Bag is measured 7.1’ x 1.6’ x 7.9’ inches.

The Chanel Mini Square WOC is sized at 6.7’ x 2.4 x 5.7’ inches.

And again, the sizes are different. So it’s not the mini Square WOC either. This Enamel CC Square Bag is an entirely new style.

The Interior


We don’t have the exact picture of the interior. But looking from the sides, there should be two compartments. And it’s a small-sized handbag; so don’t expect more essentials to store than your daily stuff.

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