Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Bag


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Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Bag


Garls, I hope your love for Chanel will never end, because for the Cruise 2014 collection, the Easy Caviar flap is coming back. Up until today I am still cracking my head, why is it actually called the ‘Chanel Easy Caviar Bag’, there’s nothing easy about it. Well, that’s not entirely true, there’s one thing that’s very easy, it’s still less expensive than the classic flap bags. Perhaps easy to make the decision of giving your credit card.

Before I go on and talk about the ins and outs, you know; the prices, sizes and colors, I do want to re-call a bag that I haven’t heard about for quite a while. It’s the Chanel summer flap bag launched in 2007. It could be discontinued or replaced for another bag that’s called the Easy caviar flap as they look quite similar, like twins.

I love for the fact that it has everything a fashion girl ever dreamed of; quilted, caviar, cc-closure, interwoven chain strap, extremely detailed lining, craftsmanship at the highest level and made in France. Spacious enough to carry your everyday essentials, perfectly comfortable on your shoulder and always in style, I mean; girls, it’s Chanel!

Oh yes, did I mention that the hardware are printed with the signature: Chanel 31 Rue Cambon on it? Elegant, timeless and to-die for. To make it more exciting, the Cruise 2014 collection is already available in store. I am not lying!


In our previous post, we showed you the Chanel Cruise 2014 Collection, but the easy flap wasn’t included. You see, Chanel doesn’t always reveal what they will be selling in their boutique, that’s why you should go ahead and click on the Facebook like button on the right side bar. It just takes 1 second. OK, now let’s talk about serious business.



Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Small in caviar and silver hardware
Style code: A67741
Price: $2,800 USD

Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Large in caviar and silver hardware
Style code: A67742
Price: $3,000

Chanel Easy Caviar Tote in caviar and silver hardware
Style code: 67741
Price: $2,800

As far as we are informed, the Easy Caviar bags are only in silver hardware and caviar. For those who wanted in gold, maybe next time. And Caviar is nice and durable, so that wouldn’t be an issue right? Let us know what you think on the comment below, we’d love to hear your opinion.

Pictures courtesy of: YoogisCloset

43 thoughts on “Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Bag”

    • Yes, its still available in Europe. I just bought the small black Chanel easy flap bag in Paris during fashion week but the Chanel stores were cleaned out. I found it at the Chanel store in Galleries Lafayette. The price was 2460 euros (VAT Tax refund 410 euros)! I wanted silver hardware but they didn’t have it but the bag is beautiful!

  1. please!! i want so much chanel easy flap bag! dos anyone knows if i still find in stores? in US? Or chanel 3 bag!! Thanks!!

  2. hello alex and all!

    may i know if the easy flap is selling in italy now?

    if yes, may i know how much is in euros now?


    • Hi Bright, we are not sure whether its available now (in may), but it was still selling in February. It was then still priced at $2,800 USD

  3. Hey!
    Thanks for a great web page!
    I was wondering if anyone knows the current price for the chanel easy flap (both sizes) in euro or in Australian dollors?? 🙂

  4. Is the Chanel forum gone? I have a brand new black calfskin easy flap in large size to sell and would like to be featured. Style code is A67411. Just found out it’s too big for me and it looks too similar to my classic flap. It was my impulse shopping when I went to Barcelona in September 2013. Have all the packaging and receipt.

  5. hi,

    what is the measurement of the chanel easy caviar flap bag in large size? are them the same size as the classic medium flap bag??

    the pictures above show the hardware are more of greyish black hardware, are they available in the normal silver hardware??


    • Hi Charlene, its in silver, you can click on the link we’ve put in the text. You will be directed to the original release post. I’m sorry, we do not have the exact measurements, but the large size is quite comparable to the medium flap bag.

  6. is the cruise 2014 collection of Easy Caviar Flap Bag interior is black if it is the black outside. I brought a black Easy caviar flap from spring 2013 collection, in the interior is not black. I like the black interior. Is it only from the cruise 2014 collection?


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