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Celine Launches Basket Bags For The Summer 2019

Celine Basket Bag

Basket Bags are the Bag to have for the summer, so why wouldn’t’ Celine come up with their own version. To be honest, we have spotted much Basket Bags from this brand in the past. But now they came up with an entire line.

The Basket Bags include new types like the Handle Basket Bag or Chain Handle Tote Basket, but surprisingly, Celine also created the famous Big Bag in Basket style, which includes the smallest Nano Size.

We’re certain these are seasonal pieces, so grab them now or regret forever. More over, these Basket Bags are handmade pieces and crafted in Italy. Designed with mix of raffia and smooth calfskin leather.

We like the new styles but we absolutely adore the Big Bags. The large version might be too big, but the cute nano Big Bag is a must-have as it can be worn in all seasons. Carry these accessories as a beach bag (better than leather bags due to sunshine, which is bad for leathers and to avoid dirt and sand), summer bag for casual days and perhaps you have a matchy outfit in your wardrobe to cope with this brownish/black shade. Also these bags can be used as a picknick bag and they’re easier to clean than leathers.

If you haven’t picked a Basket Bag yet, perhaps it’s time to add one in your collection.

Now let’s cover the details:

Celine Nano Basket Big Bag
Size: 8’ x 6’ x 6’ inches
Prices: $1700 SGD, $9600 HKD, $1600 AUD, ¥145000 JPY, 8900 CNY

Celine Basket Big Bag
Size: 13’ x 13’ x 11 inches
Prices: $2100 USD, $2800 SGD, $16000 HKD, $2700 AUD, ¥240000 JPY, 15000 CNY

Celine Medium Handle Basket Bag
Size: 17’ x 13’ x 10’ inches
Prices: $2150 USD, €1500 EUR, £1400 GBP, $2800 SGD, $16500 HKD, $2700 AUD, ¥240000 JPY, 14500 CNY

Celine Basket Chain Tote
Size: 15’ x 11’ x 8’ inches
Prices: $2950 USD, €2000 EUR, £1850 GBP, $3750 SGD, $22000 HKD, $3600 AUD, ¥320000 JPY, 2000 CNY

Celine Basket Bag

Celine Basket Bag

Celine Basket Bag

Celine Basket Bag


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