Hermes Silk Twill Reverse Pouches

Hermes Reverse Pouches thumb

Straight from the Petite H Collection, a new Hermes Silk Twill Pouch has emerged. If you love everything Silk Twill that Hermes makes, then hold on for a minute. This Silk Twill Pouch is more than just a Pouch, it can be reversed. Reversed handbags have been trending for some time now. But have you … Read more

Hermes Silk Pouches

Hermes Silk Pouches thumb

Completely under the radar, designed for the Hermes Petite H Collection, there is a new bag released. It’s the Hermes Silk Pouches. Some of Hermes’s most famous pieces are made from silk, like the Silk Twills. These pouches are 100% made from silk and they’re reversible pouches, which means you can change the look instantly. … Read more