Chanel Diamond CC Card Holder And Coin Purse


Chanel is being innovative, the Diamond CC logo makes us go ‘Wow’. We hope, of course, that this Diamond CC logo will become the next signature, so we can have more of that in the future. And if not, no worries, just make sure you grab one of these accessories as soon as possible – before the season ends. And if this Diamond CC logo gets discontinued, we will own a beautiful limited piece. Now introducing the Chanel Diamond CC Card Holder and Coin Purse from the Spring Summer 2018 Collection.

And oh yes, if you’re interested, there is a Diamond CC WOC version as well.

The Design


If you’re planning to get a cardholder or coin purse, then please hold! Let us tell you more about these heavenly-made beauties. First of all, this Card Holder and the Coin Purse is not a new design, the shape and the look is exactly the same like the Classic Card Holder And Classic Coin Purse. So what’s new? The contemporary Diamond CC logo!

The center logo is diamond-shaped and then crafted with a CC in the center. The Card Holder and Coin Purse are also both built from metallic aged calfskin to match to the new logo design. And the results? It’s shimmering, it’s modern, it’s luxurious and classic-looking.

Can you say no to that?

The Interior

We do not want to go into details about how the interior looks like. If you really want to know, you can visit our special pages: Chanel Classic Card Holder Interior and Chanel Classic Coin Purse Interior.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Diamond CC Coin Purse
Style code: A84507
Size: 3’ x 4.3’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $500 USD, $590 CAD, €420 EUR, £375 GBP, $710 SGD, $3700 HKD, $680 AUD, ¥58320 JPY.

Chanel Ciamond CC Card Holder
Style code: A84522
Size: 3’ x 4.4’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $450 USD, $535 CAD, €380 EUR, £340 GBP, $640 SGD, $3300 HKD, $610 AUD, ¥52920 JPY.

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