Prada Saffiano Jewellery Collection

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Besides selling their most-wanted saffiano totes, Prada has quite a large number of tiny-pretty-things that you will love to own. And if a productive shopping spree is a compulsory, do not forget to check these items out. At the end of your shopping day, it’s always better to buy a few things right, than a many things wrong.

The secret is in the production process of their traditional saffiano leathers and to make their jewelry collection exceptional (separating themselves apart from all-the-other brands), they figured out a way to blend saffiano leather nicely with jewel-stones to make earrings, necklace and bracelets.

Not only will you shine away by the bright colors, but these pieces are going to add an incredible ‘bling’ to your entire outfit. Sometimes it’s the little-expensive-things that are missing to finalize your total look and its okay when people start to stare at you.

Go through the sliders to find out more pieces of Prada jewelries, we have handpicked the best of the best of the entire collection. Prices ranging from €400 to €800 at Prada e-store.


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