Mulberry Bayswater


One of the ‘IT’ bags that branded Mulberry, the hottest of the hottest and celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Alex Chung and Kate Middleton are loving them. And I am worshipping it. The Mulberry Bayswater goes beyond the iconic, it’s a timeless piece that never ever goes out of fashion. So famous that Mulberry decided to continue their production in Somerset, England, the spot were Mulberry was born. Build from the utmost highest quality, put together by skilled craftsmanship and specially made to feed your bag addiction, there’s no doubt that the Bayswater is the bag that you need.

Let’s us bang ourselves with the possibilities. Aim your eyes on the postman’s lock closure and zoom in to see the Mulberry tree signature on the top. Smell the fresh leather that’s made for you and stroke the bag to feel how gorgeous the skin is. Grab the bag whenever you need to work and load it with all your necessaries, iPad, Iphone, your favorite wallet, A4 documents, keys, CD’s, shawl, you name it. Or what the heck, Mulberry Bayswater can casual whenever you want. It goes great on colorful tops, brown dresses or black skirts. It will be your best friend during the summer or during the winter, just don’t forget to love it.

Will Bayswater ever go out of fashion? Probably it will, but when that time comes, the robots has already taken over our world. Mulberry is releasing each season new styles, new colors and new skins to tease us. If you love Mulberry, you know exactly what I mean. Bayswater is irresistible, a top-notch and one-of-a-kind handbag. So don’t step on the brake, just allow yourself to own one. If you have been good this year, you probably deserve it. The black is available at Luisaviaroma for $1,350.


Oak ($1,350) is the color of Mulberry, an iconic Bayswater should match with the legendary color. This combination is what most celebrities prefer.


They say that the Mulberry is also an excellent school bag. It can hold books, iPad, pencil cases and still hold its shape. Therefore Mulberry created the Chocolate ($1,350) color.


I am going say it again, you can never go wrong with Black ($1,350). It’s the safest color you can get and adapts in most of your clothing styles. Pick the black if you hate regrets.


The Bayswater Dark Glossy ($1,650) is a daring color, but then again it looks very cute and adorable. Look innocent but fabulous with this color.


Fuchsia ($1,650) is for the real lady. I love this bag wearing my favorite long beige coat. Carry this bag to flaunt your personality.


Walk with the Dark Blue ($1,500) like a diva, carry this tote while wearing flat shoes. The dark blue matches great with black dresses and black coats.


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  1. Dylan Propst October 22, 2015 Reply

    I love your site. I only wish you knew how to speak. It’s hard to read your articles when they’re so atrociously worded.

  2. Bi June 21, 2013 Reply

    I love both the black and dark blue. I’m not sure which one to get..

    • Author
      Sassy June 21, 2013 Reply

      For the bayswater, pick either the brown or black. Black is great for everyday, especially because this is an iconic bag.

      • Bi January 25, 2014 Reply

        The black version is only available in soft grain leather.. it isn’t nice touch and feel. So I decided to go with the Mid-Night Blue in Shiny Goat Leather. It’s very nice and hold structure much better than the black one.

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