Chanel Releases The Pre-Fall 2013 Collection in Stores: The Paris-Edimbourg Metiers D’Art

June 7, 2013  |  CHANEL, LOOKBOOKS


It’s now official, Chanel has released their pre-fall 2012/2013 collection in stores. And obviously sophisticated handbags requires a sophisticated name, so Karl Lagerfeld decided to name the new collection: ‘Paris-Edimbourg Metiers D’Art’. The inspiration came from the ill-fated Queen of Scotland and the designs are all about medieval and vintage! So how is this all going to benefit you?

Well, new styles of the Chanel boy bags are available (much more than we had expected) and there absolutely no room for simplicity. More, the Chanel wallet on chain and many more styles are all invited in the pre-fall 2013 collection. Getting excited already? Now embrace yourself…


The Chanel Boys: Oh yes, our dream bags



Chanel Boy Flap Bag in Aged Calfskin



Chanel Boy Flap Bag in Goat and Lambskin



Chanel Boy Flap Bag in Lambskin



Chanel Boy Flap Bag in Lambskin with a chain



Chanel Boy Flap Bag in tweed velvet with metal clasp



Chanel Boy Flap Bag in velvet


Chanel Wallet On Chain: Petite Loves



Chanel Wallet in Chain in Lambskin



Chanel Wallet in Chain in iridescent Lambskin


More Styles



Chanel Minaudiere in Tartan and Metal



Chanel Small Satchel in Pony Calfskin



Chanel Messenger in Suede


So what do you think about the new collection?


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  1. Hi dear, I’m going to paris and London next week. This is going to be my first chanel bag, please advise should I buy at galeries lafayette or London? I will only have about 2 hours time in galaries lafayette but more time in London.if I can’t get in paris, Which outlet in London stand a higher chance for me to get the classic jumbo flap and gst? Thanks!!!

    • If you can find your favorite bag in Galeries Lafayette, then I should just buy it. You will regret when there is no stock in London. I would def. try out selfridges in London, they have a better stock.

      • Thanks dear for your valuable advice! I certainly will try my very best to get it. Btw, is gst available at heathrow airport? I’m afraid that I can’t get 2 bags at a time. If there’s a stock for gst at heathrow, I will ask my hubby to purchase as 1bag per passport rule.

        • I wouldn’t count on Heathrow, however I would give them a call, just to make sure. Chanel said that Heathrow will not carry iconic bags anymore.

  2. CC Crave Bag still available at Heathrow???

  3. Hi Sassy,

    I am heading to Paris and Rome next month! Would like your advice on the following:

    1. How much does a Chanel Boy small and medium cost in Euros? Does it include VAT?
    2. Where are the best stores in Paris & Rome to get classic Chanel Boy colours?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi there, just found your site and this great!
    I want to ask you about price the chanel boy velvet in small size or the edinburgh with small size too because i get confuse when you said generally the same price. I just want to know the fix price you have with the models i already tell you before. Thank you!

    • Hi Anadia, Chanel has many Boy bags, I don’t always have the prices. But for the Chanel boy velvet, I know small size: $2,750.

  5. Hi Sassy,

    I think i want all of them!! :)
    Do you know how much does it cost the Chanel Boy Flap Bag in Lambskin and the Chanel Boy Flap Bag in Lambskin with a chain small and medium size?

    Also do u know if there is stock or I will never find them?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Sassy,
    I called the store asked for the caviar easy flap. But the SA said they are all gone. She did recommend me the new cc crave caviar flap which is nicer. Is the cc crave flap bag belongs to this collection as well? If yes, do you recommend it? Thank you very much :)

    • CC Crave seems to be the from the pre-fall colleciton. It’s not like the caviar easy flap, but it’s gorgoeus. Did you see it?

      • Dear Sassy,
        Thank you. I finally bought the large cc crave in dark grey (look like brown)…model A67815 Y07754. It is gorgeous.

        • Hi Pui, can you share your bag with us in the forum? We really want to see the dark grey version of the CC Crave.

  7. Hi!

    Do you have any idea how much the boy flap bag in velvet costs?
    I’m going to Paris every year so, i need to know how much money i need to save this time…

    By the way, i love this website!

  8. this collection makes me feel like going on hunting. I mean a real hunt.

    • Hi Miki, which of these pre-fall collection is attracted to you? The boy bags?

      • hey hello there. Actually I wanna get a flap bag from this collection but I haven’t decide which one yet. Its too expensive to buy Chanel in HK… the price is just crazily high… not really worth it. I usually ask friends to get for me in Paris, Rome or Milan.. but they always.. ALWAYS run out of stocks. BTW I saw a girl recently purchased a brown flap bag from this collection and posted online. Its so hot. Envy………..

        • Miki, I know what you mean! Always out-of-stock, especially the Chanel BOY BAGS. I can’t understand why even Paris doesn’t have it. But HK, do they have stock?

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