Will Chanel Classic Flap Bags Going To Achieve The Price Level Of The Hermes Birkin?


Hermes Birkin bags start at $8,000 and can easily skyrocket to $80,000 depending on the skin you like. And sometimes even worst, you don’t have much choices. Birkin, afterall, are limited and hard-to-get. And it doesn’t stop there, prices increases every year. If you ever wonder why people are obsessed about the Birkin, now you know why.

If you love Chanel, you know that Chanel increases their prices every year. It’s not something new and we are always prepared for that, but we just never know when. The price changes of the Chanel classic bags are just insane, it’s usually around 20% or more. That’s a lot and is exactly what drives people crazy.

Chanel has literally doubled their flap bags prices in 5 years. If you had bought your classic flap a couple years earlier, then lucky you.

Now that Chanel bags are so expensive, it’s unreachable for a lot people. And not to mention that their stocks are always low compared to the demand. On the top of that, Chanel enforced a 1 passport per ‘classic’ bag rule in Paris.

Their strategy is comparable to the Hermes Birkin, it’s limited, it’s hard-to-get, and it’s not affordable to many people. Today a Chanel classic flap bag cost $4,000, while the Birkin starts at $8,000. A couple more price increase and they will be standing right next to the Birkin. When that happens, will you rather by a Birkin instead of a Chanel classic flap?


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