Why A Chanel Shopping Basket Bag Costs USD pre owned thumb

Why A Chanel Shopping Basket Bag Costs $26650 USD pre-owned?

Why A Chanel Shopping Basket Bag Costs USD pre owned

I remember this bag from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. It was also the first-time that Chanel has introduced the trolley, but in a shopping cart version.

The theme for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection was ‘supermarket’, so you would find some creative yet crazy fashion pieces like a Chanel Bag wrapped and packed like steak, labeled with 100% Agneau.

Why A Chanel Shopping Basket Bag Costs USD pre owned

These were seasonal pieces and only limited available. Most importantly, they were created by Karl Lagerfeld, who is no longer with us now. His ideas will always lived on; his creations will always be part of Chanel. The old pieces that Karl has personally created can now be considered as art. Perhaps that explains the crazy price tag of this Chanel Shopping Basket.

Why A Chanel Shopping Basket Bag Costs USD pre owned

For those that are curious, this Chanel Brass Shopping Basket is interlaced with calfskin. The style code was A92643, the size is measured 7.9’ x 16.9’ x11.2’ inches and now the price.

In 2014, this bag was retailing for $10350 USD. Today the pre-owned edition is priced at $26650 USD, more than doubled its original price within 6 years.

No matter what kind of Chanel Bag you buy whether it’s the classic or seasonal, the price will always go up. Recession will not stop people from buying and Chanel would never give discounts. Even worst, Chanel will raise prices again and again until most people can’t afford them.

Today, a lot of people give financial advices. Some say; ‘buy some bitcoins’. But we say; ‘buy some Chanel Bags’.

This bag is available for $26896 USD, €17419 EUR, £14500 GBP, $30989 SGD, $33878 AUD, ¥2423800 JPY via Farfetch.

  • D. Grass


    Handbag as art is fine if all you want to do is put it on display, look at it and never use it. When I buy a handbag I want to use it and paying that much for a handbag would make me nervous to do so.
    I just don’t see me buying something that costly and not using it.

    July 7, 2020

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