When Chanel Extra Mini Flap Meets Mini


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When Chanel Extra Mini Flap Meets Mini

Buying Chanel is like playing Roulette, what you will win depends on the god of luck. They never fail to rotate their menu of bags every season, sometimes you find a delicious cupcake and other times they have broccoli and spinach. And if that doesn’t excite you, Chanel boutiques are boxes of surprises, you never know what they’ve in stock until you give a phone call or walk into their stores.

The Chanel (extra) mini flap is another example, this season’s new crave is all white and red. Zarie was informed by us about the new extra mini flap in caviar that has been released this season. Already in possession of a white mini flap bag, she decided to buy the extra mini flap bag to complete her collection. She could pick between white and red, but finally chose white over red AGAIN. Now she is the proud owner of the extra mini flap bag and the mini flap bag, how unique. Here is a piece of her story:

‘Yes, the 1st one is the squared mini classic flap, the two rectangular ones are also called the mini flap’s – they are both from season 14C. I actually read about the posting on Brag my Bag and went into Chanel to inquire about the “new mini flaps in white caviar”. Ironically enough my SA just received the white and the RED (!!) that day in Chanel. Even though I already had a white square mini, I chose the white again over the red. The red is a gorgeous red color for this season though. Price is $2400 plus tax (USD).’

What is the chance of seeing the extra mini flap bag and the mini flap next to each other in the same color? They look like siblings, the older brother and the younger sister. The extra mini flap bag is not much smaller than the mini flap, but looking in terms of shape, it’s the baby version of the medium classic flap bag. In our previous post you saw one of Chanel’s model carrying the extra new mini on her shoulder.

The mini flap bag is taller, but smaller in width. Both are quilted and have the same iconic closure and interwoven chain links. Which one do you adore more?

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  1. I think this is the rectangular mini and sqaure mini comparison. Extra mini is much smaller than rectangular mini * though it is rectangular in shape too) and costs $2000 USD plus tax.


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