What Is The Best First Chanel Bag

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What Is The Best First Chanel Bag


What Is The Best First Chanel Bag

This post is about your 1st Chanel Bag. Can you remember the first time you’ve purchased a Chanel Bag? How did you feel? Was it addicted? Did started collecting more Chanel Bags? Please post your experience and which Chanel Bag you recommend for the 1st buyers?And for the 1st buyers. Are looking for the right Chanel Bag? Are you stuck and can’t decide which one to choose? Are you wondering which handbag is the right choice? Well, you’re at the right spot, because we’re going to reveal the most favorite Chanel Bags of all times.When carefully studying the choices, we looked at several factors: – Is the bag a classic? – Does it hold and increase in value? – Is it easy to resell in case you want to change bag? – Is it time-tested (timeless)?

The Classics But Expensive Bags

What Is The Best First Chanel BagThere are 3 handbags that are considered timeless today:1. Chanel Classic Flap Bag 2. Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag 3. Chanel Classic Boy BagThe Classic Flap Bag is more popular than the Reissue 2.55 Bag. But the Classic Boy Bag is evenly ranged in popularity as the Classic Flap Bag.If you have big budget, these handbags are considered the best investments. Also because the prices go up almost every year. It’s always best to invest in Classic Chanel Bags today than to wait for tomorrow.The current prices of these handbags are:
Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag$5600 USD€4800 euro
Chanel Medium Reissue 2.55 Bag$5600 USD€4800 euro
Chanel New Medium Boy Bag$5400 USD€4650 euro

These are the prices as per June 2019. For the latest prices go to:

Trending Bags With Medium High Prices

What Is The Best First Chanel BagIs your budget tight? The Classic Bags are not on your mind right now? You should try the following handbags:1. Chanel Business Affinity Bag 2. Chanel Coco Handle BagThe Coco Handle Bag is much more famous than the Business Affinity Bag, but both handbags are great. There are different sizes with different price tags, but with the Small Coco Handle Bag, you will be a happy girl forever. The Business Affinity Bag looks very chic and it’s useful for any occasions. The prices are:
Chanel Business Affinity Bag$3900 USD€3260 euro
Chanel Small Coco Handle Bag$4000 USD€3400 euro

These are the prices as per June 2019. For the latest prices go to:

Small Bags With For Tight Budgets

What Is The Best First Chanel BagIs your budget tight, but you need Chanel as much as you need to breath. You can always choose these 3 Classic Bags.1. Chanel Classic Quilted WOC 2. Chanel Classic Boy WOC 3. Chanel New Mini Classic BagAll of these 3 handbags are heavenly. And all of them are famous, so it’s hard to choose. However, the main difference between a WOC and the New Mini is the interior. A WOC is like a wallet and has a lot of compartments, but the New Mini consist of 1 main compartment inside, which can be useful when holding more essentials.Here are the prices:
Chanel Classic Quilted WOC$2500 USD€2000 euro
Chanel Classic Boy WOC$2500 USD€1980 euro
Chanel New Mini Classic Bag$3500 USD€2850 euro

These are the prices as per June 2019. For the latest prices go to:

Underrated Bags With Reasonable Prices

What Is The Best First Chanel BagChanel Deauville Bag is getting more famous everyday and the Chanel Chevron Statement Bag is a cheaper version of the Classic Bag, but it’s only available in certain seasons. We think the Chevron Statement Bag is underrated.Here are the prices:
Chanel Deauville Bag$3000 USD€2490 euro
Chanel Chevron Statement Bag$3400 USD€2950 euro

These are the prices as per June 2019.Let us know which bag you think should be the 1st Chanel Bag for a newcomer. And also, which Chanel Bag was your 1st Bag? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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3 thoughts on “What Is The Best First Chanel Bag”

  1. I’m visiting Europe in the coming weeks and will purchase my first Chanel. I’m really stuck as to what to buy. I like classic flap, medium boy and even the WOC are nice too! Help

    • If you can only choose one, it’s either the Classic Flap Bag or the Boy Bag:

      The Classic Flap Bag increase in price a bit faster than the Boy Bag, but if you buy the WOC today and you want to buy the Classic Flap Bag few years later, you will end up regretting because the price goes up too fast. However, the WOC also go up price, but less steep because it’s not as expensive as the big bags.

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