What I Hate About The Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

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What I Hate About The Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

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What I Hate About The Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag


Throughout the years, there were changes made in the Chanel classic bag to suit the consumers like us. And Chanel recently launched a brand-new bag, called the maxi classic flap bag.

Remember the style code: A28600?

It’s from the Chanel jumbo classic flap bag.

Do you have a jumbo? Check out what your style code is.

The new Chanel jumbo classic flap bags has the style code A58600. I think Chanel changed it after 2011. And it’s not only the code that Chanel changed, they also made a great modification in the bag.

The original jumbo classic flap bag, with the style code A28600, was a single flap bag. The size of the medium bag was already limited, the jumbo couldn’t handle much either. So Chanel decided to change it into a double flap. The single flap was discontinued.

So the style code A58600 is from the Chanel jumbo flap bag with double flap.

What’s more?

Since the switch from single to double, the jumbo bag has become heavier. If you are used to single flap, then I can understand. But for the people who had never seen the single flap, the new jumbo is just fine.

There is now more space available for all your essentials. The size is bigger, but the space too. You got to love that.

More, you can more easily structure your personal items. It’s not a mess anymore, everything is easier to reach. I put my cosmetic box there, and my lip gloss over there and of course my iPhone and keys.

One more thing, before you ask me about how much a single flap weigh, here are the information:
Jumbo single flap caviar weigh around 850 gram. And the lambskin weigh only 730 gram. Yes, lambskin is lighter because the material is different. But the lambskin can get scratched more easily. I love to touch the lambskin, but I like the durability of caviar skin more.
So now you know all the secret of the Chanel jumbo flap bag, what to do now?

If the Chanel jumbo classic flap is your dream bag and you still need to buy it, now you know you are getting a double flap instead of the single flap.

BUT, if you love the single flap and you are determined to get it. Well, you still can, but only used. You can try out Ebay (be careful!) or consignment stores.

And if you own a Chanel jumbo single flap, then congratulations! You have a very rare Chanel bag.

So, one more question before I stop writing. Do you think changing from a double flap to a single flap was a smart move or not?


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64 thoughts on “What I Hate About The Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag”

  1. Hi, hoping to get some help. I found and purchased a jumbo classic double flap, authenticity card starts with 13xxxxx. I certainly plan to authenticate professionally. My question is do you know if the double flap jumbo existed for this series?

  2. Hi, hoping to get some advise for those who owns a chanel jumbo (especially 16 series). Does the Stiches at the bottom of this chanel jumbo lambskin look normal?

    I was told it’s normal because it’s ‘handmade’ and the quilts wouldn’t be 100% symmetrical ending.

    And by any chance can someone recommend any good authenticator online?


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