What Every Girl Needs #2 Balenciaga large Guillochet Bracelet


We all know the famous sentence ‘You Gotta Love It’, what does that mean?

Introducing the Balenciaga Large Guillochet Bracelet, match perfectly with your amazing weekender bags, especially the atlantique or navy colored bags. Some jewelries are cute when they are petite, I especially love petite things. But there are exceptions, some jewelries are made to stand out, look different and stylish.

The Guillochet Bracelet is inspired by the ‘punk’ era and re-designed into a luxurious way. You can’t go wrong when it’s handcrafted and made with Calfskin and Brass. Add that together with the brand Balenciaga and how much value would that have.
I think every girl needs a jewelry that is crazy, funky and DARING. You just gotta love it.

Given that it’s made in France, do you think it is worth $555,00?

Pictures courtesy of: Balenciaga


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