Victoria Beckham Zip Pouch With Strap


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Victoria Beckham Zip Pouch With Strap

Victoria Beckham Zip Pouch With Strap


There’s just something about a squared, chic and thin bag that comes with a shoulder strap. And it can absolutely not be boring, neither too sophisticated, just give it to me in simple and neat. Celine has never took their trio pouch out of their stock, in fact, they created more variations and colors, like the Celine Solo Trio Cosmetic Pouch, you know.

Then Balenciaga decided to participate, there was still room left in the Jacuzzi and they introduced the Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S Shoulder Bag. Of course, Louis Vuitton needed to join too, that’s why they released the Modul bag (in Damier Canvas) in the beginning of this year.

I am way off topic.

But here is something slightly different, introducing the Victoria Beckham Zip Pouch with Shoulder Strap. It’s a super-cute, grown-up cross body bag and you know what? It’s super thin too.

Painted in the loveliest color, blush pink and crafted from durable materials like calfskin and buffalo leather. The Trio Pouch got three compartments, if that’s too much then surprise. This bag only got two compartments. The shoulder strap can be adjusted and detached – shoulder it at day and turn it into a clutch in the evening.

Measuring 9.5’ x 6.5’ x 0.5’ inches (W x H x D), available at Elyse Walker for $790 USD.



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