Valentino Around Mini Shoulder Bag: Lance Flowers And Studs

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Valentino Around Mini Shoulder Bag: Lance Flowers And Studs

Valentino Around Mini Shoulder Bag: Lance Flowers And Studs


July is the busiest air traffic month ever, everyone is dressed hot and sexy, celebrating the summer. Cities are full of tourist, wearing sunglasses and walking with comfy slippers. The sun is shining bright and the temperature is rising as the clock moves from morning to afternoon. I am craving for a cold soft drink and I don’t mind if the wind start blowing.

If you feel good, you should dress good. What’s a better time to show your fashion skills than in this season? And especially when the stores are on summer sales, trying to make room for the fall and winter collections. Our member Burg Babe uses the right term: now is the right moment for a ‘productive shopping spree’.

The Valentino around mini shoulder bag is boasted with studs. Prettified with extreme thin chain links shoulder strap, enhancing the charm and feminine appeal. It’s has a fold-over flap, small and easy to carry around. For the night out, you load it up with your phone, keys and wallet. And for the holidays, put your passport inside and don’t forget your emergency cosmetic kit. But really, how much room do you actually need for the summer? For now, the Valentino Around studs mini shoulder bag has everything you desire, from style to functionality. At Forward by Elyse Walker for $995.

When it comes to dresses, black is too common. But the style starts to change as soon as you add lance flower to it. Red Valentino Flower Lance Dress at Forward by Elyse Walker for $995.

I really like this cute dress, match with the Valentino rockstud Anke strap pump shoes for the complete stud-girl look. At Forward by Elyse walker for $995.


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