The Temptation Of Hunting Designer Bags: Once You Start, You Cannot Stop…

Owning a designer bag is a dream for every girl – it’s like wearing clothes, without one will make you feel naked. But there’s also a trap, you see, designer brands make you feel like you’re hunting for a bag, but the truth is: ‘they are actually hunting you’. I call it: ‘The Domino Effect’, once you hit the first stone, the second will soon fall, then the third, there’s no stopping. You bought your first Chanel bag? Okay, it’s time for the second…

One of our friends, Bren, lives in California. One day she decided to shopping spree, and because she will be traveling to Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe soon, why not get the most out of the trip, uhh right? It started innocent – a little bit of shopping, just one or two designer bag(s) and no more…

Well, you know how she ended up? See it yourself:


That all? Yes, all in one trip and it certainly is possible. By the way, this is what I call: ‘a very productive shopping spree’. How many iconic do you count? Want to listen to her full story? Then read on…

Nowadays shopping is a skill to learn, the government should introduce this subject at school, I will be the first one to sign up. I mean: ‘How many times you bought something and end up regretting’. Count that all up and you will know exactly how much money you could have spend somewhere else. (somewhere else, not save =p)

But anyways, Bren is a veteran shopping garl, she was doing an extensive research about prices, tax-refunds and sizes before swinging her credit card. So it’s true what they say: ‘Preparation is more important than action’.

So Bren was doing research and then accidentally stumbled upon She knew what she has discovered – a site with valuable designer-bag information for bag obsessive girls (like herself).

Not long after her discovery, she dropped her first question. And if you ask the right question, you will get the right answer. Here are a few of her messages:

Can anyone tell me if the price WOC classic quilted in USD is current? I’m thinking of getting one in the next few weeks if price is under $2k. I’m in SF. Thanks! Ps this is an amazing site!!!!

I’m so conflicted on which bag I want. I’ve narrowed it down to Diamond CC, medium classic flap and boy chanel flap. However could you tell me what us the measurement for the medium boy flap? I went to the boutique store in SF and really like the diamond CCas the SA called it but not sure if I want a seasonal bag vs a timeless. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help. You’re amazing! Been sending my friends this way. Xoxo

Thank you! I’m headed to HKG and SIN in November. By chance, would you know how much the trio crossbody (not with chain) in regular and large cost? I’m assuming it cost more than USD but I saw another site that someone purchased it 6900hk (regular size) which is less than US. I am going to be in DC in a few days and thinking getting it there but can wait if it somehow prices in SIN & HK are significantly lower than here in the US. Thanks! (Still haven’t gotten my crossbody! Did finally get my trapeze though!)

I’m looking to find a celine trio. I live in California but will be in DC in a few days then in Hong Kong and Singapore first week of November. Where is the best place to purchase one? DC has lower tax than CA and not sure what the prices are in hkg and sin for regular and large trio? What do you think? Thanks so much! You girls rock.

Let’s dive in her thoughts and strategies, here’s basically what she did:

– Research which bag you will be hunting for (narrow down to your taste)
– Check out the latest prices and tax-refund (why pay more if you can get less)
– Go to your local boutique to touch, feel and see the bag with your own naked eyes (better to meet the bag in person than on pictures)
– then write a long wish list (with back-up plans in case something go wrong and so on)
– And then happy shopping…

Though Bren asked numerous of questions, she and her friends already made a long wish list:
– The Chanel WOC
– The Celine Trapeze Shoulder Bag
– Another Chanel Bag (Classic Flap, Diamond CC or Boy?)
– Hermes Herbag Zip Tote
– Another Chanel season bag
– The iconic Givenchy

Here’s a part of her message when she was in Singapore:

In Singapore for holiday and the SA at the chanel boutique advised the following prices in SIN dollars: jumbo $7250 Camella WOC: $2580 Crossing time medium: $3490 and Medium Flap is $6510 not including the 7% tax yet. Not sure if there are same prices you have listed already but its today’s price I got. I do have a question. Based on your info, the crossing time in USD is $2600 before taxes. If that is the case, after conversion ($3490 SIN = $2799.58 USD) the price is about the same after adding the 8.75% San Francisco US tax. Is that right? There is a 7% tax in SIN but there is a refund you can claim in Singapore. So if this is true, the statement about SIN is more $$ is not true? I might just buy it here tomorrow before I leave if that is the case.

After Singapore, she went to Paris, the dream city of every shopping girl. But she didn’t want to waste time there, with determination, she went straight to the jackpot – The Hermes Herbag Zip Tote.




Now, let us bang you on some facts about the Hermes Herbag Zip. A few of our members waited one whole year (on the waiting list) to get this bag. Bren was lucky, the SA had one in the color she liked. Paris is full of surprises…

Out of curiosity, I asked Bren one last question: ‘which bag will you be using as an everyday bag?’ And she answered…

‘As for your question on my everyday bag, that’s a hard question though the functionality of the Givenchy Antigona is better since I can practically throw everything in there. I actually change up my bag often so I can pick and chose which one based on mood and outfits’

Then she ended up saying:

‘I can’t wait to go back to Paris… Merci Beaucoup!





  • Enok


    Can you check this one?

    June 14, 2015
    • Cynthia


      Hi Enok, what about this bag?

      June 15, 2015
  • Enok


    I just got 14B A90453 Y09165 Large Zip Shopping Silver one for my wife
    But no one seem to have any posting or even picture about it
    Can you tell me why?

    December 23, 2014
  • lynn


    Hi, Can I check with you. As I’ll be in Paris next month. Is it better to pay for the bags in cash or credit card? and if paying by card, is it better to charge it in euros or sgd? thank you

    May 20, 2014
    • Anonymous


      Hi Lynn! You get more % return when you do cc tax refund. I found it easier and the process faster when I was at CDG airport (Paris) doing cc refund. If you do cash in Paris you have to go into a second line for the refund. For cc refund, you just toss the envelope w the appropriate info once approved by the authority and off you go. It just depends on the exchange rate on what kind of currency you want. I had trouble deciding too so kept in the country i was visiting unless the currency was very weak but I am not sure. Also, some cc charge a fee for international transaction so you lose a few % there too. I have a cc that doesnt so I just charge away. Also keep in mind depending on what brand bags you are getting the refund ranges from 10%-14%. What are you looking for? There is a wealth of info on this site. Im sure you’ll find your answer. Good luck

      May 25, 2014
      • lynn



        Thank you so much for the reply.
        I’m looking to purchase a chanel bag. but the prices of the classics have all gone up pretty much.Is there any seasonal bags that you would recommend?I’m from singapore. Do you have any idea which cc doesnt charge a fee for international transactions?
        Thank you.

        May 27, 2014
        • Anonymous


          Oh I also want to clarify that when I said some cc doesn’t charge intetnantial free I means credit card (not chanel) sorry for the confusion. I have a credit card that doesn’t charge international feel. Some charge up to 3% and mine doesn’t so use your credit card that doesn’t. My apologies. The choices that Alex suggested above are awesome!! Good luck!

          June 5, 2014
          • nana

            Hi Anonymous, can you tell us which CC doesn’t charge international fees? 2yrs ago we used BoA in Paris they didn’t charge us any, but this year they changed their policy, they also charge fees like everyone else.

            I love this website a place where we can enjoy talk about our bags without guilt.

            June 30, 2014
  • Anonymous


    Omg! This is amazing! You’ve captured my entire wish list and my journey through DC, Singapore, Hong Kong and finally Paris and Spain! It’s because you that I was armed with info and narrowed to all my purchases! This is seriously my fav site ever…I’m off to Chicago soon (nothing yet) but already thinking of Paris in September again! Xoxo

    May 19, 2014

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