Hermes Birkin Bag: Timeless Forever

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Hermes Birkin Bag: Timeless Forever


For starters, the name “Birkin” originated from the singer and actress Jane Birkin. The idea of the bag came from Hermes executive, Jean-Louis Dumas. One day he happened to be on a flight with Jane Birkin and she told him her dilemma with finding the perfect bag to wear on the weekends. So, he later went on to design and create a bag made to fit her special needs. The bag was eventually named the Hermes Birkin Bag.

The Hermes Birkin Bag is available in an array of sizes.
Birkin 25: Small
Birkin 30: Medium
Birkin 35: Large
Birkin 40: Extra Large

The colors are as follows: Black, Baby Blue, Red, Brown, Pink, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Orange, and Gold and let’s not forget White. However, the pattern and colors depend on the leather type. The types of leather that the Hermes Birkin is available in are calf, lizard, ostrich, and crocodile. The crocodile skin is the most expensive material. The price differences between these materials also vary greatly.

Hermes Spa Treatment
There is a special Hermes service made to treat your Birkin Bag called the Spa Treatment. The Spa Treatment is a refurbishment service especially for Hermes handbags that provides repair services to make used and abused bags look good as new. The price for an average treatment for a damaged bag is around $275. It all depends on how worn the bag is, and what exactly needs to repaired. Of course, smaller repairs cost less.

If you choose to use the Spa Treatment for your Hermes handbag, expect it back on your shoulder in about one and a half months. I have read a few testimonials about the service and everyone seems to love it. One tidbit to keep in mind, though: if you take your Hermes bag to another repair shop and they damage it, then Hermes has the right to reject your bag for any repair or spa treatments.


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