The Classic Boy Bag or the Boy with Chain?


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Is the Boy Bag with chain also an iconic bag? Is there a difference between the Boy Bag with chain and the Classic Boy Bag? Take a closer look at both of them.

The Classic Boy Bag needs no introduction. It’s usually sold-out in every boutique around the world. Everything about this bag is perfect – the studded Boy Clasp, the overwhelming shiny chains and the chic diamond quilting. This bag is available throughout the year because it’s part of the permanent collection (classic collection).

Every once in a while there is a new variation of the Classic Boy Bag, the Boy with Chain is one of them. We purposely picked this Boy with Chain Bag because of the beautiful jewelry-like chain that resembles to a necklace. But besides this, the look of this bag is the same like the Classic Boy Bag, there isn’t much different.

The Boy Bag is created based on the boyish attitude of Gabrielle Chanel. She loves to turn men’s wear into woman’s clothing. The chain on the Boy Bag does add a little ladylike touch to it, which creates a slightly different feel.

If you could choose between these two bags, which one would you go for? The Classic Boy Bag or the Boy Bag with Chain?


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