Six Sales Item At Elyse Walker For Fall


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Six Sales Item At Elyse Walker For Fall

Six Sales Item At Elyse Walker For Fall

You know what’s a productive shopping spree? That’s when you are able to buy more beautiful things than you’ve expected, because the prices are lower. A productive shopping day feels like you’ve just finished the best diner of your life, not too much, not too little, your tummy filled; ‘exactly right’.

A productive shopping girl knows that she must think like a hunter and the golden rule is; you only strike when the momentum is right. Her credit card is loaded and ready, she can shoot on sight, anytime. The best time to pull the trigger is when you are one of the first customer in the shop. That’s when you eat the oysters and leave the shells behind. This might sound bad, but remember that oysters always taste better than shells.

As for Forward by Elyse Walker, we were just alarmed by their fall sales, which is very rare. Anyways, if you are planning to shop anytime soon, take a look at these gorgeous items. They are handpicked, personally! And check out more at Elyse Walker e-store.

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