Should I Buy A Chanel Bag?


I guess I can be described as your typical girl that enjoys shopping. What girl doesn’t love to shop? I also have an affinity for scouring fashion blogs looking for new styles and fashion inspiration. One thing I am starting to take notice to is the fact that most of my friends are starting to purchase Chanel bags. They love fashion and accessories just as much as I do, and I think the bags look amazing on them. With the ever so present presence of Chanel bags in my life, I’m thinking of purchasing one myself. However, there are a few things that are hindering me.

There are loads upon loads of information on the web about Chanel handbags. I don’t even know where to begin to start. Most of my friends have variations of the Chanel Flap bags and the reissues. If I do end up buying one, I’ll probably follow suit with a classic Chanel Flap bag.

I stand at 5’5”, so I’m a bit shorter than average height. Since I’m extremely picky when it comes to clothes and my personal style, I find it a bit difficult to find clothes that fit me– metaphorically and physically. When looking for new styles I keep in mind the colors, design, and materials. That is why I’m having such a hard time in making a final decision about purchasing a Chanel bag. What if I purchased one and a few days later I didn’t like it? That would be a clear waste of money.
Another huge element that plays a role in my decision is the price. I’ve never made such a huge investment before. Honestly, I’ve never spent more than $500 on a bag before. My Louis Vuitton bag was my limit. Now, that I’m considering Chanel I’ll be going over that limit immensely. The Chanel Flap bag cost $4,500. That is a huge leap from $500.

It would be reasonable economically to just settle for a Chanel Tote bag which is about $2,000. But, I’m really not comfortable with settling if I’ll still be spending thousands of dollars on a bag. I might as well get the bag that I want, right? I know the Chanel Flap bag would suit me well; I already have the perfect outfits to pair it with in mind. Is it really a smart decision to spend $4,500 on just one bag, though? With that amount of money I could go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend…..or Chanel?

In past decades, a common saying stated: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” In recent times, I would like to believe that Chanel has taken the place of diamonds. Not just Chanel, but other expensive handbag labels like Balenciaga. The costs of these bags are similar to that of diamonds. With all the ordinary fashion that’s apparent, every girl should have at least one expensive item in their collection whether it is Chanel or diamonds or both.

What are your thoughts on Chanel? Do you have one, and if you do, why’d you buy it? I really need to hear other people’s opinions on beginner Chanel purchases. Thanks, in advance.

Amy, opinion for purchasing her first Chanel bag

  • flaviana


    I like Chanel because it’s classic and fabulous. and it can be a good investment when u buy it on caviar leather. so many girl shops every day or every week for every single little thing, while I shop twice a year because what i like to buy worth saving my pay cheque for six month to afford it but it’s give me a big smile and satisfaction after being patient longing for it.

    August 18, 2013
    • Alex


      Flaviana, what do you think? Seasonal or Classic?

      August 21, 2013
  • SandraR


    people like chanel because the bag is beautiful and its expensive, limited

    November 6, 2012
  • dino


    of course! every girl should own chanel

    November 6, 2012

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