Shopping with James: Limited Hermes Kelly Cut Bag


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Shopping with James: Limited Hermes Kelly Cut Bag


We have a huge list of articles that we want to write about, but… first things first. Let’s talk about the Hermes Kelly Cut Bag.

People say that the Hermes Birkin Bag is hard-to-find? Well, try to ask for a Hermes Kelly Cut Bag at your local Hermes boutique next time. Chances are…they don’t have one in stock. It’s because the Hermes Kelly Cut Bag is ‘really REALLY’ limited.

A few weeks ago, our friend James got a call from a Hermes SA, and here’s her story:

‘I was able to get offered a special bag. I have been waiting for this for a few years. However, this bag got very limited, especially in Canada due to store manager’s decision. I was lucky when my SA offered it to me. It’s the first time seeing this bag in the store too’.

Awesome, but James can you share the price please?

‘The bag is $5400 CAD with tax’.

James, thank you so much. Now let’s dig into the beautiful images. And oh yes, James compared the Kelly Cut Bag with her previous Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, just to give you an indication about the size.

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