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You want to know what’s the latest? What’s hot and what’s not? You wanna know how to pick your colors? Well, here are the latest handpicks by Izabella.

You need to start with the iconic’s, like the Lady Dior Bag. Nothing beats the Lady Dior, it has a long and rich history, the name inspired by a Princess and time-tested-timeless.



Choose the Lady Dior in Turquoise, you can never go wrong with this color. Or, what’s also lovely is the color soft-red. Take the small size because its cute and it fits nicely around your arm.



Here’s another Chanel Bag to drool for, though I can’t remember it’s really name, but it’s really gorgeous. Black is the perfect color (some handbags you need to pick black). It features the classic interwoven chain links and the CC logo, it’s slightly different than the Classic Flap Bag that we’re all used to.



And while we’re talking about Chanel bags, if you’ve found your love and you should just stick with it. Like the Classic Flap Bag in lipstick red, if you can’t decide between lambskin or grained leather and you have the luxury to do it – take them both home!


About the prices, the Celine Phantom Bag was purchased at €2400 euro, the Chanel Flap Bag was purchased for €1800 euro and the Chanel Classic Flap Bag for €1950 euro. Oh, and the Lady Dior was around €2400 euro.




*prices are based on the purchase date.


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