Shopping Guide in Europe by Winni


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Shopping Guide in Europe by Winni

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Shopping Guide in Europe by Winni


Okay let’s see, where do I start?

I have talked to one of our friend and reader of for a couple of weeks now, we were very close in contact as she was busy shopping in Europe for designer bags and accessories.

Unknown by that time, she ended up buying Prada, Chanel and Longhamp bags, she also bought a couple of CC earrings, even a Brooch and many more. Her story in Europe is very extended, so sit back and relax; we’ve also received a lot of clear and bright pictures to share with you.

What you also need to know is that her experience is extremely rich, it will help and guide you whenever its your time to shine and shop until your drop while you travel from Rome to Florence, then eagerly hopping on the train to London and only ending up in Paris where you will be shooting an instagram picture at 31 Rue Cambon.

The cities that Winni visited were Florence, Paris and Munich (perhaps even more). But we all know that Florence is the place to be right? Especially the outlets, we dream of shopping designer bags for cheaper prices. Winni had a great time in Florence, but she also wanted to warn and share her less happy experience with you.

You see, she bought a couple of Le Pliage Neo Tote Bags in 32 cm, the store charged her €170 for each bag. By the way, they are the green and purple totes on the couch, right next to the yellow Prada Tote Bags. In Paris she found that that these bags were actually retailing for €130 and she paid €170 in FLORENCE! The price difference is enormous, but there was no time to go back to the previous store and argue, so she had no choice but to accept. Her first advice is: know the prices before you buy!

Now about the tax refunds – we get a lot of questions about this subject. How much tax-refund can we get?

Well, here’s Winni’s experience:

Italy is 14% tax refund for CHANEL, however you can only get 12.4% tax refund at the outlets in Florence. France is 13.4% tax refund on credit card and 10% for cash. Germany is 12% tax refund.

By now, you might want to know about the prices of these bags. Let’s start from the top left:

The Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Tote Bags in 32 cm, either in green or purple, they are retailing for €130 in Paris.

Now let’s go the yellow Prada tote – Winni got it for €750 at the outlets in Florence, while the boutiques were selling it for €1300 euro’s.

Then on the right you see two Prada Totes in Fuchsia pink, they were priced at €380 euro’s.


This is a Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag in black, the leather looks very similar to the Chanel CC Crave Flap Bag. Winni found this bag in Paris, it’s the medium size and retailing for 3550 euro’s.



She also spotted the same bag in Munich, Germany. However, Chanel has probably released a new style, as you see on the images, the stitches are very large compared to the original version. They come in either black or purple. The shape, size, mademoiselle closure and even the chains are similar.


Here are two more colors of the Chanel Classic Flap Bags for this season, it’s in grey and gold/yellow, both very shiny. The price is 3550 euro for the medium size.






The Chanel CC earrings in small are priced 160 euro’s, the others are retailing between 190 to 210 euro’s. The large CC brooch is priced at €380.

This is probably one of the most extensive shopping story we’ve covered so far, with so many pictures and prices shared. I want to thank Winni personally for all her effort and contribution. See more at Chanel Bag Prices.

And if you got any questions, you can drop them below.

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  1. Hi, I’m heading to London and looking to buy a classic Chanel cc stud earring. Preferably in silver. Singapore does not sell it anymore. Do you know the price range?? And also there are so many stores in London. Which is the best to visit! Thanks:)

    • Must go is selfridge! The price varies from £400 GBP and up, because there are many variation of the classics. There are small ones, big ones! Happy shopping and let us know what you bought!

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