Dior Wallet Prices


The Dior wallet is a symbol of luxury and refinement, created by the iconic French fashion house. Exuding elegance and craftsmanship, the Dior wallet is meticulously crafted with the finest materials. It showcases the brand’s signature patterns, such as the iconic Cannage stitching or the instantly recognizable Dior Oblique motif. With a variety of designs, … Read more

Dior Leather Guide

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Dior Lambskin Leather Yes, Dior Lambskin Leather is a gorgeous leather, but it’s certainly not for everybody. Lambskin must be handled with utmost care as it can be damaged and scuffed rather easily. It’s harder to keep clean, however the leather itself is very durable (more durable than Chanel lambskin). A Dior Lambskin Leather bag … Read more