Hermes Kelly Depeches Pouches

Hermes Kelly Pouch thumb

Last time we discussed about the choice between the Hermes Kelly Bag and the Hermes Kelly Depeches Briefcase. But check this one out – the Hermes Kelly Depeches Pouches. It’s a pouch version of the Kelly Depeches Briefcase and features the Kelly Lock in the center. I love the structure of the body and the … Read more

Hermes In-The-Loop To Go Pouch

Hermes In The Loop To Go Pouch thumb A picture tells a thousand words they say, but it hard to judge the Hermes In-The-Loop To Go Pouch with images alone. So Hermes released a special video and I was stunned because of what I saw. The quality, the uniqueness, the leather craftsmanship, its all there. And not to mention, the colors. As … Read more

Hermes Toodoo Colorblock Pouch

Hermes Toodoo Colorblock Pouch thumb

Hermes always comes up with unique handbags like this Hermes Toodoo Colorblock Pouch that looks different than other designer brands. The nice eye-catching color block style is not beautiful, but each layer is made from different material. Basically it’s mixed with Wool Felt and Epsom calfskin (or Evercolor calfskin). The interior opens with a zip, … Read more

Hermes RooRoo Pouch And SLG

Hermes RooRoo Pouch And SLG thumb

It’s not a big announcement, but for some that love little things at Hermes like Pouches and Card Holders, here’s a new style. Meet the Hermes RooRoo Small Accessories. What’s is RooRoo? They’re tiger-inspired fashion pieces, with tiger-detail on the front as well as a tiger-inspired pull tab. These SLG’s are made from Evercolor and … Read more