Hermes Cavour Pouch

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Hermes Cavour Pouch

Hermes Travel Bag

A designer bag gets my attention when it says that per person can only purchased 1 bag. And it’s the case of this Hermes Cavour Pouch Bag, which is a travel pouch to help you organize your essentials. Is it really worth the investment?

The Cavour Pouch is crafted in mix of toile and Vaux Barenia-Faubourg leather. With Hermes, the details are in the craftsmanship and can only be experienced in person. This pouch is designed as simple as possible with no big patterns or logos painted on the body. It comes in different sizes and colors though (if you don’t like grey and brown).

So what do you think?

This pouch measures 13 x 24 x 13 (H x W x D) cm and it’s priced at ¥197640 JPY (around $1817 USD, €1621 euro) via Hermes boutiques.

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