Rafe Maryanne Minaudiere Clutch


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Rafe Maryanne Minaudiere Clutch


You can only make an impression if you are of work is realistic and refined. Details is a word often used in the fashion world, especially in magazines and blogs, but it has a meaning. Details is what separates the best from the rest. There’s nothing wrong about a replica bag, but if you buy an authentic high fashion bag, do expect to get the best of the best, because you pay for it.

The Rafe Maryanna Minaudiere clutch is picked by Bragmybag because it’s so refined, the design looks amazingly natural. It got that rare-stone appeal and its convincing enough to tell people that you found it at Dettifoss (famous waterfall) in Iceland.

The art ‘Portuguese Pavilion’ shown in the Shanghai World Fair, made by Architect Carlos Couto is what inspired Rafe to create this clutch. Entirely hand-made and crafted from mix materials like pearls, stainless steel and hammered brass. A beautiful accessory for the luxurious evening. At Rafe for $495.





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