Proenza Schouler Stunning Bags And The Prices

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Proenza Schouler Stunning Bags And The Prices

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Proenza Schouler Stunning Bags And The Prices

The company was established in 2002 by two designers who studied at the Parsons School of Designs. A young company, but made its name through creating modern and chic designs. In fact, it is not until 2008 – 2009 that Proenza Schouler have launched their first handbag collection. The public have gone wild over the bags.


Proenza Schouler Ps1 Collection
The Ps1 has been famous on the market for some time now. The PS1 includes pouchette, pouch, mini messenger, medium/large bags and many more. Available in different styles, colors and skins. But overall, we need to look what’s popular now and they are the medium/large bags + totes. Even then we are overthrown by many choices. The best first Proenza Schouler color to pick is black, but I have been attracted to the white too. If you are hungry and wants something much more exotic, Proenza Schouler have also Python leather available.

Material: Leather, Python, Suede
Colors: Black, Burgundy, Midnight (dark blue), Military, Saddle, Smoke, White, Birch, Bronze, Lipstick, Mustard, Orange, Deep Coral, Lagoon, Paprika, Peacock, Plum, Saffron, Sunshine.
Size (medium/normal/suede): 12.5’’ x 8.5’’ x 4’’ (L x H x W)
Size (large/normal/suede): 14’’ x 11’’ x 5’’ (L x H x W)
Size (tote/normal/suede): 12’’ x 6’’ x 13’’ (L x W x H)
Price (medium/suede): $1,695 USD
Price (large/suede): $1,995 USD
Price (tote/normal/suede):$1,995 USD


Proenza Schouler Ps11 Collection
Ps1 orPs11, the difference lies in the look when you carry it. The Ps11 collection is another stunning modern bag with many choices in colors and styles available.
Material: Leather, Python
Colors: Black, Saddle, White, Orange, Paprika, Peacock, Emerald, Purple Rain, Olive,
Size (mini classic/leather): 9.5’’ x 3.5’’ x 6.25’’ (L x W x H)
Size (classic/leather): 10.75’’ x 4’’ x 7’’ (L x W x H)
Size (small tote/leather): 11.75’’ x 5.5’’ x 11.5’’ (L x W x H)
Size (large tote/leather): 13.25’’ x 5.75’’ x 14’’ (L x W x H)
Price (mini classic/leather): $1,675 USD
Price (classic/leather): $1,950 USD
Price (small tote/leather): $2,050 USD
Price (large tote/leather): $2,350 USD


Proenza Schouler Ps13 Collection
The introduction of the Ps13 collection was stunning, a surprisingly new gorgeous handbags where we can continue our addiction. The Ps13 bags have everything what you need, stylish, elegant, top handles, removable/adjustable strap, interior pockets, exterior pockets. It’s practical and functional.

Material: Leather, Python
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Light Peacock, Paprika
Size (small, leather): 13.75’’ x 6’’ x 10’’ (L x W x H)
Size (large, leather): 15’’ x 7’’ x 10’’ (L x W x H)
Price (small, leather): $2,250 USD
Price (large, leather): $2,495 USD


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9 thoughts on “Proenza Schouler Stunning Bags And The Prices”

  1. hi! how much it is to get a ps1 medium suede in paris? ive seen a blogger carrying it in cobalt which is damn gorgeous but it seems that it is not available anymore =( any idea?

    and if i were to get it in US, which state is the best to get the highest sales tax?

    thank u!

    • The medium is still around €1,300 EUR. The medium seude is still available. I know the other states don’t change sales tax either, but I pretty sure it works in Oregon. Saving you 9,5% sales tax.

      I don’t know which state has the highest sales tax, but you don’t get sales tax refund. You buy your bag in the states that don’t charge salex tax, unlike europe with VAT.

    • What! R u serious?? What blue u got? Cos I know they have peakcock blue, midnight blue, and the one I’m thinking of getting is cobalt blue. I wish urs is a cobalt blue, that would give me a hope that cobalt is still available ><
      Where did u get it? Paris?

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