Proenza Schouler PS Courier Shoulder Bag: Soft And Celine’s Minimalism

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Proenza Schouler PS Courier Shoulder Bag: Soft And Celine’s Minimalism


After we presented Proenza Schouler’s fall 2013 collection, a girl named Miki commented: the very soft shoulder bag really looks like.. Celine..

Oh yes, she is sharp, one of the bag did look like Celine.

Let me help you refresh your memory…


It was not really the design that remind Miki of Celine, but the trio-colors and the pinky background. And she said: ‘soft’, which can only be a good thing. The PS1 and PS11 were received by PS Fans with great enthusiasm, now Proenza Schouler is presenting a new bag, the Proenza Schouler PS Courier, hoping that it will attract the same response…

I don’t need to touch this bag to know that is extremely soft. For those who are interested, the material used is calfskin. It has the twist of Celine’s minimalism, but balanced with Proenza Schouler’s own taste, like the clasp closure that we are so obsessed about. The bag is easy to access, with enough space that makes me wonder whether it’s comparable to the PS1 medium and the Mulberry Alexa Satchel. Either way, I am confident that is a great accessory for work and when I am out and about.

So what do you think about the new Proenza Schouler PS Courier bag? Will it be a hit or not? At Luisa Via Roma for $1,285.



Proenza Schouler PS Courier in Python Black
at PS online store for $2,335



Proenza Schouler PS Courier in Red
at PS Online store for $1,475


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