Prada Saffiano Lux Tote


It shouldn’t suprise you that the Prada Saffiano lux tote is enjoying it’s fame today. I mean, it’s the ‘IT’ bag of the century and so desired that the stock supply goes out as quickly as it goes in. A timeless piece and once you buy it, it’s forever and ever, period.There are so many reason why we love this bag, but hey, let’s just start from the bottom.

There are more colors available for the Prada saffiano lux tote than the rainbow we saw yesterday. And this is the TOUGHEST decision you will ever have to make, what colors? But I always recommend in black for the first buyers. Generally, the Saffiano lux tote works with everything in your wardrobe. It’s a classy casual handbag that we deliberately love to brag about. And while that might appear a bit arrogant, but what the 5#$#@, it’s a saffiano lux tote right?

More recommended colors, oh gosh, caramel.

Another color to love, oh my, the Argilla.

And take a look at the saffiano lux tote. Is it another overly complex handbag that scream for attention? No it’s not! But that’s what makes this tote perfect. A very simple design in one color, a comfy top handle and the iconic Prada logo embellished on the front. That’s it. You might want to put a little smile on your face when taking it down town. No matter what you wear, the Prada saffiano lux tote is going to help you rock your day.

Although we belief the saffiano lux tote in small is super cute, we still recommend the medium size because it’s more practical. This is actually the perfect everyday bag. And knowing that the medium size can easily fit your iPad and A4 documents, you can use it from day to night.

An highly recommended tote for anyone who have serious passion for designer handbags. Love love and many love!!!





Prada Saffiano Lux Tote in Caramel



Prada Saffinao Lux tote in Cornflower Blue


New update about the BN1792 and BN1789M. We heard from the SA that the new BN1792 is the BN1789m. The BN1789N has a longer shoulder strap, while the BN1792 doesn’t have any strap. More, the BN1789N has less hardware.


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  • bi


    I recently got a stain from my jean to my beloved Pink Prada Soffiano. Would you have any suggestion on how to care and clean the stain on Prada handbags?

    June 15, 2013
  • YcarFra


    One month ago I got my Prada Soffiano lux tote, BN2558 in Cammeo. And it’s my new baby, the leather and the smell shout elegancy =)

    June 11, 2013
    • Sassy bag


      Oehhh!! that sounds great! I love the BN2558. Cammeo is a great pick, matches great to a lot of clothing styles. How much was it and where did you bought it?

      June 12, 2013

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