Prada Hobo Bag With A Bag

Linh Trang

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Prada Hobo Bag With A Bag

Prada Hobo Bag With A Bag

A new bag, but not sure what’s named. It’s a Prada Bag that is attached to a mini bag like bag charm. We mentioned bag charms over and over again, because that’s what 2020 – 2021 is going to be about.

Bag charms are so useful, but also stylish. Take a look at these gorgeous hobo bags that features a wide strap as well as a chain strap. The design is so feminine and chic, but it’s also ideal to use as an everyday bag. The wide strap comes with a bag charm and it can be used to store mini essentials.

I love the half-moon shape, which is ladylike. The triangle logo is also embellished in the center. We are not sure about the sizes and prices yet, visit the Prada boutique for more details.

And let us know if you know more in the comment section.

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