Small Chanel Boy Chained Tote Bag For Fall Winter 2015 Collection

Small Chanel Boy Chained Tote Bag For Fall Winter 2015 Collection thumb

Ohhh, what do we have here? A beauty at its finest, and for now we don’t know any details about this fine piece of leather (but of course, we’ll give it to you straight once we get insider info soon!). The Small Chanel Boy Chained Tote Bag is a real winner when it comes to … Read more

A Closer Look: Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag

A Closer Look Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag thumb

Some weeks ago, we’ve featured a diamond in the form of the Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag. We know you loved the sparkle, that’s why we’re bringing it back to you! The Galuchat Bag is made with stingray leather (on center) and bordered with luxurious lambskin to achieve such a marvelous exterior. We know you want … Read more

Shopping with Maricela: Chanel Boy Handle Flap Bag and Chanel CC Espadrilles

Chanel CC Espadrilles thumb

They are hard to find, even if you’re loaded with cash. The Chanel CC Espadrilles are sold-out everywhere, especially in the colors you love. READ: Chanel CC Espadrilles Maricela has been searching for the perfect pair of Chanel CC Espadrilles for seven months. She noticed that the sizing is different in every pair she tried … Read more

Chanel Boy Quilted Curvy Shoulder Bag

Chanel Boy Quilted Curvy Shoulder Bag thumb

At BRAGMYBAG we want to share as much information as possible about designer bags, though sometimes we do not know its name and the price. But at least you can show our images to the SA, so she can give you more information. The brand-new Chanel Boy Quilted Curvy Shoulder Bag. We know it’s the … Read more

Chanel Boy Pearl Flap Bag

Chanel Boy Pearls Flap Bag thumb

From far away, this boy bag looks like it’s studded, but from close-up it will make your heart pump twice as fast. That is because the newest collection of Chanel includes a magnificent boyish bag embellished with pearls. And these are not just pearls, they’re killing-you-softly. Talking about Chanel & Pearls, let’s summarize a few … Read more