Chanel Boy Pearl Flap Bag


From far away, this boy bag looks like it’s studded, but from close-up it will make your heart pump twice as fast.

That is because the newest collection of Chanel includes a magnificent boyish bag embellished with pearls. And these are not just pearls, they’re killing-you-softly.

Talking about Chanel & Pearls, let’s summarize a few bags:

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And definitely…certainly do not forget about the Westminster Flap Bag. Put it on your wish list, it’s one of the most gorgeous things in the world, like the Classic Flap Bag.

But let’s talk about the Boy Pearls Flap Bag first. As you can see, the pearls are not divided evenly, the center is covered with large and mid-size pearls, the surrounding are covered with little pearls. It reminds me of the sky with stars, or a splash of water…beautiful isn’t?

It features with the boy clasp and the CC logo, and you will love the black background color because it lighten up the shiny pearls, making it stand out more.

This is 100% a bag to brag about. You will love it.

Pictures courtesy of: chelseastyling

  • Annette


    how much please and where can I get it…. black and nude color

    December 20, 2016
    • Cynthia


      Hi Annette, unfortunately, this bag is an seasonal edition from last year, it’s no longer available. Follow Bragmybag for the latest update of Chanel bags, Im sure something similar and as beautiful will comes along.

      December 23, 2016
  • James


    Do anyone know how much is this bag?

    June 25, 2015

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