Chanel Coco Sailor Bag: Gabrielle’s Inspiration

chanel coco sailor 1

Before you turn your back and yell: ‘Chanel sailor prints’ are not my type of haute couture, then give me one minute to change your opinion by explaining how stripes are tradition for the French people and how Coco Chanel got inspired. Striped sweaters were originally navy sailor uniforms, it’s original purpose was to separate … Read more

Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Pearls Obsession

chanel spring summer 2014 pearls thumb2

Chanel and pearls fit together like Jimmy Choo and shoes or Valentino and studs. Wearing XXL oversized ‘elegant’ pearls around our neck might shock some people: ‘Sight! Isn’t she exaggerating?’, ‘Show off!’. No its not, let’s look back to Coco Chanel’s precious advice that still stands today, in her own words: “A woman can be … Read more

Dolce and Gabbana Crown Rhinestone Headsets

Dolce And Gabbana Crown Rhinestone Headsets thumb

Dolce And Gabbana Crown Rhinestone Headsets Price: $8,895 USD, €4,950 EUR or £4,600 GBP For starters, we’ve been seeing a mix of tech and fashion lately – a lot of designer brands are amping-up their gadget game, partnering with bigwigs from another side of the boat. Not that we’re complaining, it’s pretty amusing actually to … Read more

Miu Miu Plexiglass Clutch

Miu Miu Plexiglass Clutch thumb

Whether its our ‘thing’ or not, the Lego clutches made from Plexiglas, like the Chanel boy brick bags, are very hot lately. And if we’ve ever doubted and wondered ‘who would ever invest in a grown-up Lego accessory’, let us remember the price tag on the Chanel transparent boy brick with silver hardware, $12.000 USD. … Read more