Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign


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Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign

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Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign


CHANEL Spring Summer 2014 is going to be very interesting. I just checked my wallet and I am pretty sure that I will not be able to take them all home. First the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Mandarin Orange put a spell on me, I couldn’t stop looking. Now for the Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign, they have revealed the Classic Flap Bag in another seasonal color (I said seasonal because once Spring Summer is over, it will take years before it come back again); the soft-red.

This red is not just a red color; it’s soft like a tissue. The color doesn’t blind your eyes, but rather making it beg to look for more. Beautifully refined with interwoven chain links and silver hardware, just perfect. But there is more…

Colors splashes through the campaign, what is that model wearing? Oh, a small shoulder bag in purple, does it fit my new iPhone? You can either go naughty or go unstructured elegant; the graffiti bags are wilder than ever. Just make sure you match them with pearls before going down town. Or there is option number 2; Embrace your flirty personality with the painted Classic Flap Bags in girly colors like pink and purple.

And I am totally in love with the new bags; if you’ve been saving for the best Chanel season, then this is your moment. With the new shades of Classic Flap Bags at your shade and new wild styles, you will only regret if you don’t take action. The prices, sizes and style codes will follow (but for the prices of the Classic Flaps, click here), like our Facebook page to be informed.








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  1. I am so obsessed with the new chanel backpack – they are so georgeous! Would be so happy to have one and those shorts oh boy!


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