Dior Explore Telephone Pouch

Dior Explorer Telephone Pouch thumb

Dior is slaying it once again with their geometric elegance. The cosmos inspired “Dior Explore” line is the quintessential modernity we are all after for. Ladies, this Dior Explore Telephone Pouch on the other hand is of no exception. Polished and symmetrically precise, it’s no wonder why it’s a visual feast. With Dior’s claim to … Read more

Are The Louis Vuitton Trunk-Inspired Phone Holders Going To Be The ‘IT’ Thing?

Louis Vuitton Trunk Inspired Phone Holders thumb

The fashion world was stunned by the Louis Vuitton Classic-Trunk Inspired Phone Holders. Forget about the bags for a moment because this is where all the attentions where focused on. When it was first-released, we thought it was a micro clutch bag, but when looking more closely we knew we are witnessing the next big … Read more